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Better Living Inspired by the Campfire

What’s Your Story

Technology is more prevalent than ever but since the dawn of our species, the best ideas have arisen by the fire.
  • who am I
  • where should I focus my energy
  • how can I live better
  • what is the purpose of it all
  • why is time so mystifying
  • when should I become we
…Grab a log. Warm yourself by the fire. Let’s really connect!

Let’s Connect

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Transform your story and your life with a partnership to proactively engage your environment so you can reach your full potential by using the EHH Method & customizations.

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Fireside stories carried to the podium, classroom or office, with or without technology, some might even call them interactive presentations, to better engage your environment for improved performance & resilience.

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EcoHuman Health Podcast: Engage Your Environment and Thrive with the Power of Nature. Empowering discussions on optimizing your inner & outer ecology. Go to to learn more.

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